Linda Lenssen pursues in her work as a visual artist a motion from reality to imagination – as a possible metaphor for reality. In her artistic practice she explores her interest in the distance between being in the world and reflecting about the world. This twofold way of observing the world is reflected in her work by means of a reciprocity between the duality between presence and absence, the abstract and the concrete, the visible and the imaginable, the tangible and the conceivable. By minimal interventions in our natural environment – like holding a line parallel to the horizon – she wants to link mental processes to physical phenomenon. She wants to realize movements of thought in the physical environment. These interventions often results in video registrations, photographs and site-specific installations, because of their ability to function as ancillary tools, to express ideas that are as simple as deep.

In her artistic research she is located between two domains: philosophy and poetry. She examines how a poet uses language for understanding reality and how a philosopher uses the imagination to come to his thoughts. Philosophy and poetry use different methods to uncover reality. A metaphor relates to reality in a poetic way and as a result of this is able to connect the abstract to the concrete. Linda Lenssen explores ways in which she can use the visual metaphor for representing a glimpse of a possible reality. The metaphor allows to see the everyday world in a different way. It can connect things that have nothing in common at first glance in one way or another. The metaphor is able to unlock something of which the awareness has never been realized. The metaphor provides a constantly changing perspective on reality. The changing perspective does not learn something new to be seen, but new seeing.

Linda Lenssen (°1984 Venray, The Netherlands) holds an MA in Visual Art (2012, KASK The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent) and has taken part in group exhibitions such as FRIS IX, curated by Jan Colle – Entrepot Fictief, Ghent (BE), THE RESEARCH AND DESTROY DEPARTMENT OF BLACK MOUNTAIN COLLEGE, curated by Jean Bernard Koeman – W139, Amsterdam (NL), ACSA SHOW – Autocenter Space for Contemporary Art, Berlin (DE), PROSPECTS & CONCEPTS - Mondriaan Fund shows talent, curated by Mirjam Westen – Van Nelle Fabriek, Art Rotterdam (NL), TIME/SUBJECT/SPACE, curated by Stijn van Dorpe – Expoplu, Nijmegen (NL). She participated in artists-in-residence programmes in 2012 at SÍM Residency, Reykjavík (IS) and in 2013 at Residencia Corazón, Buenos Aires (AR) where she had her first solo exhibition. She received a starter stipend of Mondriaan Fund (2012), is laureate of the residency grant of the French Ministry of Culture (2014), is nominated for the Marl Media Art Award (2014) and has participated WARP Artist Village (2015).